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Possible lay bets system

Possible lay bets system:

Today we give you some possible lay bets:

A lay bet is backing a horse not to win. In theory it is easier to pick a horse not to win as only one horse in a race can win and therefore the others by definition must lose.

That said the esposure on a lay bet makes it a riskier proposition as you are required to pay your stake multiplied by the odds if the horse does win the race. If it doesn't win the race then you win what you staked.

To minimise the risk it makes sense to look for low odds horses that you think will be beaten as this means you have less exsposure if it goes against you.

Our picks share the following criteria:

  • Horse is favourite
  • Odds lower than 3s
  • Gone up in the weights
  • Another horse is favoured as a pick by FP with a pick of 3 or over
  • Horse pick is 1 or lower
  • Horse has form

WARNING - Due to the exsposure on a lay bet these horses should be used as a starting point for further research and not blindly followed:

N.B. Picks aren't found everyday