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Frequently asked questions

What factors do we consider in our form analysis?

Whilst we don't publish our formulas we factor in all of the following measures with different weights applied to more recent performances:

  • Distance
  • Going
  • Weight
  • Course
  • Class of race
  • Official rating
  • Speed rating
  • Race time
  • Jockey form
  • Trainer and yard form
  • Draw
  • Likely race pace and position

Why use Formpick?

Formpick does a huge amount of work to deliver likely winners based on previous form.

Depending on what you use this for Formpick can be massively helpful to you. 

As an occasional racegoer with limited time to follow the sport or do full form analysis we provide you with all the information need to go racing with confidence. 

Alternatively as a dedicated follower of the sport the analysis saves you massive amounts of time and considers more factors than you could realistically analyse in a day.

At Formpick we look at every aspect of a horses form (see what we look at here) to point to likely winners.

We believe there are only three ways to pick a horse:

  • Luck - including going on names or jockey colour
  • Tips - one off the endless line of people who claim to a know the horse.
  • Form -  using the actually performances of the horse and comparing them and all reasonable factors to indicate which is the most likely horse to perform best.

Whilst theoretically you could do some of the form study work yourself as most of the information is publicly available the massive volume of factors that we look mean that it would take a reasonably capable mathamaticion several hours to analyse a single race meeting.

Also our library of data provides us with proprietory information not otherwise available to you.

We beleive that given all of these things Formpick provides excellent value to you.

Does it work?

Put simply yes!  Over the short medium and long term the rated Formpick horses make money, that said we don't guarantee winners or make exaggerated claims about instant riches from tiny stakes. We simply say that based on previous form we believe that one horse is better than another over this course and distance having factored in weight class etc (see what we analyse here).

However horses being animals don't always run to form and unforeseen incidents mean that nobody can guarantee what horse will win a certain race. At Formpick we believe that only by using a horses known past can we predict how it will perform against other horses in the race.

Our results can be found here.

Can I get the data on my mobile phone?

Yes. This site is mobile optimised and you can access the data directly on your phone.

How long does my subscription last?

Depending on what you have signed up to your subscription will last till midnight of the last day.

For example if you've purchased a one day pass then that will allow you access to both the full analysis sheet and the racegoers cheet sheet till midnight on the day of purchase.

How can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed until cancelled. You can of course cancel at any time although this will in effect stop the next months subscription. The current months subscription cannot be part cancelled and so we do not refund part of a months payment.